Flipboard Review

In a world filled with misinformation, Flipboard is a necessary change of pace. Most news sources do not cover the topics tha i would consider to be well news. In my opinion, celebrities and sports should not be idolized as they are in our media, because their impact on society is minuscule. This is where Flipboard comes in clutch. It is an app available on Android marketplace as well as the itunes app store. This app allows you to choose the topics that fill your news feed, so there is no more sifting through articles that i have no interest in. The articles that show up on Flipboard come from a variety of different sources. If you were looking for an app that gives relevant up-to-date news, then look no further than Flipboard.



AAR: Action Launcher Pro

In the beautiful world of Android we have a wide variety of custom launchers. That’s if the stock launcher doesn’t float your boat whether it be stock vanilla Android, TouchwWiz by Samsung, so on and so forth. We have the liberty of selecting a new launcher everyday if we really wanted to. So let’s take a look a very interesting launcher that could possibly be your next go-to option.

Here it is…It goes by the name of Action Launcher Pro, you can purchase it on the Google Play Store for $4.99 USD

Action Launcher Pro - screenshotAction Launcher Pro - screenshotAction Launcher Pro - screenshot

Images gathered from Google Play app page

So like most app reviews let’s start by talking about the features:

  • A sliding quickdrawer for instant access to all your apps and widgets.
  • Covers’, an innovative new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted homescreen.
  • Shutters’, a unique feature that unlocks the power and potential of Android widgets. Swipe an app icon, and that app’s widget is automatically created.
  • Quicksearch, a fast and powerful feature that allows you to search for apps, contacts and even music directly from the action bar.
  • Android’s unique and powerful action bar is fully integrated into your desktop.
  • Full tablet support (including the Nexus 10).
  • Icon pack support.
  • Desktop layouts can be backed up and restored to and from an SD card.
  • All of the settings you expect from custom launcher: specify apps to hide, adjustable number of home screen pages, grid sizes, page margins, dock toggles, scaling icons, lock desktop, resize any widget, etc.
  • Strong Play Store integration.

The launcher has a good amount of features some that are very unique, but were the launcher falls short is in the settings menu. For example there is not to many grid size options to choose from, there are only two gesture actions and are only for the app drawer , as well as the notification panel. Future updates should include more settings to play around with at least I’m hoping!

A very interesting feature that must be touched on is “shutters”. Let me further explain to you of this “shutters” feature. What it does is very simple but can save you some time.

Action Launcher Pro - screenshotNotice the Google Currents widget on the homescreen. Well it is not a traditional widget that you place on a homescreen like DashClock that you see on the left side of the screen. What you are seeing are “shutters”. It is essentially a widget that you can open by a swiping up on an app that supports it.  You can expect all the Google Apps to support this and as well as some 3rd party applications you have installed. (Apps need to have widgets in order for shutters to work) Yeah, I know it may not be the most exciting thing in the Android world but it is a new way of getting your information quickly as well as keeping your homescreen clutter free. I know there are other features worth mentioning but why not just buy it and explore it for yourself? Not a bad idea…

Let’s touch on the performance: 

Before  I get into the the launchers performance allow me to just state that I am running this on a Nexus 4 by LG. Okay so now back to our topic. I have been using the launcher for 1 month give or take but what’s important is that I have been using as my primary launcher with no trade offs. I can say this with much confidence the experience was very fluid. I rarely came across any lag/bugs. Also the developer has done a phenomenal job updating the launcher with known bugs and reducing as much lag as possible. Remember lag isn’t always because of the app/launcher the device that you are using could be the issue and maybe it’s best to remove the app/launcher and find an alternative, but besides that my testing of the launcher proved that it is very reliable, fast and a whole new experience.


I already mentioned the price being $4.99 USD at the top of the article. Some consumers are worried that they might not like the launcher after 30 minutes of messing with it and have just wasted money. Although developers sometimes might refund your money for specific reasons and some just won’t bother with it unless your constantly bug them about it. Point is make sure the launcher is interesting to you and have done enough research(watching YouTube videos, reading articles on it like this one!, etc.) before you purchase it. Also before you ask…No, there is no trail version you can download and use for a short period of time before purchasing the full version. I know it’s a hard decision to make, It was for me I know that for a fact!

Is it worth it?

In my perspective…YES! The launcher is amazing for my needs it approaches things in a different manner that other launcher just can’t do. That said I am not saying that the other launchers are bad just I prefer this one as of right now. The features that this bad boy has are a wonder to have I may not use all of them but I am a huge fan of “covers” and “shutters”. The simplistic look of it is what really gives it that WOW factor. It not only gives us a list of new features, or a new look, or just another launcher to try out, but it comes to show how much luxury we Android users have it on the customization side of things! I give this launcher a 4 out of 5 stars reason being is that even though the launcher has great features, is fluid, and is a great experience(for me) It’s still lacking customization settings that other launcher do have. All in all take this review with a grain of salt. Reason being is that everyone’s experience is going to vary.