Why is it hard for companies to manufacture a premium looking phone?

Image courtesy of Android Authority

Image courtesy of Android Authority

It’s not a novelty for users to want to have a good looking device. But as powerful as many phones on the market are, very few have an attractive appearance. The ones that do, either miss the mark in, such as having an oversize camera or an unneeded screen bezel. Either that or they look like a knock off of Apple’s iPhone. This seems to be an interesting pattern as consumers have repeated demanded good looking smartphones, but also good looking smartphones that don’t look like iPhones. The idea behind making a phone look like an iPhone is to draw in the iPhone market base, but why would anyone get an phone that looks like an iPhone instead of an iPhone? It seems this question has eluded the marketing departments of all the companies making look a-likes. Sound off in the comments below and comment on what you want a smartphone to look like!


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