Section 215

Whether people like it or not, the US government is keeping logs of phone calls and internet traffic.  Anything on the internet that makes its way anywhere outside of the US, even just bouncing around servers to reach its destination, is kept in a database.  This is a huge invasion of privacy and must be fixed, and luckily there is a way.  On June 1st, congress will vote to reinstate or abolish this law out of the constitution.  For more information and how to help fight it visit:



  1. The internet is important to a lot of people and has to be kept private. While it’s hard for people like me to call in and talk to a representative I completely agree that this needs to be changed.

  2. Yes the government has an overly invasive spy strategy. But sometimes what they do helps the greater good for the American people.

    • After 9/11, when this policy was implemented, I read an article where it states that spying on cellphone usage accounted for exactly zero new threats to terrorism in the United States. What the government is doing is a breach of privacy and doesn’t even help protect the American public. It is just an excuse for the government not to trust us.

  3. This is a gross injustice. A society that sacrifices freedom for security is always headed for disaster. The government has no right to infringe on our private communications.

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