Microsoft Surface 3! An iPad competitor?


Source: Microsoft

Microsoft quietly announced and released the successor to the Surface 2 (RT) earlier this week. It was a strange move as it comes nearly a year after the Surface Pro 3 release. The Surface 3 is very similar to the Surface Pro 3 in terms of aesthetics but it has major differences to keep itself apart. The Surface 3 has a 10.8 inch 1920×1280 screen, slightly smaller and lower res than the Surface Pro 3. It comes with a less powerful Intel Atom processor similar to the recently announce Macbook but this time around it will run full Windows 8.1 and 10 upon release instead of the weak and not very usable Windows RT. The price point starts at $499 which is Microsoft’s attempt to reach a lower priced market.

This new Surface looks promising, however the compromises made in order to slash the price seem too great. The friction based kickstand from the Surface Pro 3 is gone, replacing it is a 3 position kickstand which brings back the problems of previous Surfaces of lap use. The Atom processor is limited but capable, and wether or not the 10.8 inch screen is either laptop or tablet focused depends on users opinions. and battery life has yet to be proven.

Is Surface 3 a tablet competitor or laptop competitor? Also wasn’t the Surface Pro 3 supposed be the table and laptop replacement? It was for some, then what place or purpose aside of being cheaper does this Surface have? Lastly is it a year too late as we may see a Surface Pro 4 this year?

What do you think?



  1. I think the problem with the Surface is that there’s one skew too many. They should just stick to a single, powerful model. Apple can keep up because they make one strong tablet,people know they’re getting something good. While as with the Surface people can get a good one or a bad one and not even know it!

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