10 TB at Lightning Speeds!

Intel and Micron have come out with a new method of solid state storage that will be cheaper and far more compact to allow for a lot more space.  A solid state drive are often expensive and hold less data than traditional disk hard drives, but operate at much faster speed.  This is because SSDs work with just electric signals while hard drives have moving needles that move around a spinning disk to find the data they need.  Because HDDs are cheaper and store more they are default for laptops, but Intel and Micron want to challenge that.  Their new design is 3D NAND which, simply put, is a way of stacking the layers in a 3D fashion, “like a skyscraper” (see picture below).  This new design could allow for 10 TB solid state drives, and more importantly 2.5 TB drives that can fit in a laptop.  Hopefully this technology can make faster laptops with huge amounts of space at a reasonable or cheaper price.


One comment

  1. Cheaper storage solutions is important to businesses, so until these larger drives become more cost-effective it’s going to be slow fro adoption. The company I work at is currently using 25 TB actively, let alone the backups, so the potential this technology has is immense.

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