Flipboard Review

In a world filled with misinformation, Flipboard is a necessary change of pace. Most news sources do not cover the topics tha i would consider to be well news. In my opinion, celebrities and sports should not be idolized as they are in our media, because their impact on society is minuscule. This is where Flipboard comes in clutch. It is an app available on Android marketplace as well as the itunes app store. This app allows you to choose the topics that fill your news feed, so there is no more sifting through articles that i have no interest in. The articles that show up on Flipboard come from a variety of different sources. If you were looking for an app that gives relevant up-to-date news, then look no further than Flipboard.




  1. I have been searching for a consistent reliable news source. The possibility of corruption is non-existent with this tremendous tool. Thanks for great new news app.

  2. This would help me greatly. My news-feed is constantly bombarded by irrelevant topics and I feel that shifting through the countless news sources that are online just to find what I want is a waste of time. Only potential worry is that you may end up only encountering the articles and news sources that you want to see, thus conforming your innate biases.

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