Smartwatch Dark Horse: Alcatel One Touch Watch

It’s no secret, smartwatches are having a tough time gaining a large consumer following. The problem with smartwatches today is they don’t do anything spectacular, and on top of that they can cost as much as a phone itself. Many believe the reason smartwatches haven’t taken off is because there have been no existing watches for Apple devices. Did Apple first create it? Although not always the case, and not my personal belief, the general consensus among the average consumer is that Apple simply makes things “better.” Yet when Apple finally announced their long awaited smartwatch, why is it dismissed by consumers for being unattractive and critiqued by critics for not doing anything too special? Add a $349 entry level price tag, and many people are shaking their heads. The point is, as young as the smartwatch industry is, it is struggling to remain relevant. Many people have long since stopped using watches, they’re used to pulling out their phone to check the time. The mindset with people is, “why carry a watch that does do anything my phone doesn’t do?”

Source: Alcatel

Queue the Alcatel One Touch Watch. The One Touch  is hitting the market late March 2015 for a price tag of $149. That alone is a fraction of the cost of most of the watches on the market. It’s also a beautiful looking watch, set to come in four variations. The looks and price alone is a hit to the market, but did I mention it’s compatible with Android and iOS? Although there have been watches in the past compatible with both systems, this is the first attractive and functional watch to bless iOS. The One Touch isn’t perfect, there have been reports of slow performance speeds, but it has an accelerometer, a gryoscope, a heart rate sensor and everything else the competition carries in their watches. It even removes the need for a charging dongle by having a USB adapter tucked away in its strap. The point is, although it doesn’t do anything too glamorous, the One Touch does everything the competition does, is compatible with iOS, and is a fraction of the price. It’s also going to beat the Apple Watch to the market, so anyone interested in a smartwatch for their iDevice but that isn’t impressed with the Apple Watch, will be sticking it to Apple buying a better product.

In my opinion, for the time being smartwatches aren’t going to be doing anything too impressive anytime soon, so if they are to remain relevant until the time comes when they will do something impressive, the watches coming out need to work with every major platform and have a price tag of at most $100 ($300 for any luxury editions). While not every aspect if met with the One Touch, it’s pretty close. This watch might be the one that shifts the tides of the smartwatch market.



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  2. I don’t think smart watches are needed, however what you’ve stated is true from a marketing perspective. I’ll be keeping up on this one

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