Yahoo to Make Passwords Thing of Past?

Turns out people have a difficult time remembering their Yahoo password. So Yahoo wants something that would protect people’s accounts better. Yahoo is building a two step authentication system where instead of logging in with a set password Yahoo sends you a four character password to your phone every time you want to log in. This would solve the problem of account holders using easy to remember but weak passwords. It would also take the stress out of creating and remembering passwords. Many different online services use this process and as cyber security becomes a bigger issue these kind of password generating services will continue to become more and more prevalent.  It remains to be seen how quickly and widely technologies and systems that don’t rely on user generated passwords spread.



  1. So, if you lose your phone, you also lose your Yahoo access? If someone steals your phone, they also steal your Yahoo account. This seems risky, at best, to me.

    Perhaps teaching the public how to create secure passphrases is a better approach?

    Has anybody thought about facial recognition coupled with a weak password or passphrase?


  2. This seems like a good idea in theory, but isn’t it more risky to have the password change like that? Now a days computers can remember your passwords for you and be saved. It doesn’t make sense to get a new password each time and then have it not last long enough if you have to use it all day. I use email on my phone and would hate if it asks for my password each time I want to retrieve emails.

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