Pebble launching next version of smart watch on Kickstarter rather than stores

Kickstarter is typically known for crowdfunding new and upcoming companies and ideas, not for helping the launch of a second generation of an existing product. Pebble’s new Pebble Time smartwatch which is the second generation of their successful Kickstarter project was announced and launched on Kickstarter yesterday. Normally after all the success what is expected of the company to do is to continue its product lifecycle through retail and its own stores using its own money. Pebble instead chose to go back to the same people that helped it reach the heights that its reached today. It launched its new smart watch on Kickstarter at a discount rate to early buyers. This strategy although unusual is quite genius. On kickstarter Pebble actually has less costs than traditional retailers and also their largest user base and fans are on kickstarter, as well as this move also keeps them in a position as the people funded company and underdogs compared to new smart watch rivals Google, and Apple.


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