Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 Will Be the One Platform for All the New Devices

Windows 10 has already been in development for some time and a technical preview is available to download.  While the software still has a long way to go, it can be seen that Windows is listening very well to its community.  unlike the disappointment of Windows 8, Windows 10 will not be as heavily focused on touch.  This means that on the desktop Windows 10 will regain its old start menu.  What’s also great is that when Windows 10 is released it will get adopted onto the Xbox One, Windows Phones, Tablets, and Windows’ own new conference TV (pictured top left).  This brings a bunch of new opportunities because developers can now create applications for more devices, to a larger community, at the same time.  Only time will tell where Windows 10 will go, but for now the possibilities are huge.


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