iOS 7 Beta 4, what is still wrong?

After weeks of beta testing iOS 7, and a five full days of use with Beta 4 (the latest as of 8/2/13), many might be wondering, what’s still wrong with it? Is it almost ready for a full scale release? Of course not. Below I have listed what I have encountered, and what can be changed to improve the experience.

  • You can’t disable animations- This actually isn’t an iOS 7 problem,  this is an iOS in general problem. With how animation heavy iOS 7 is, I can see iPhone 4 users being affected the most by this. The older device is still running on a single core processor, I’m surprised iOS 7 is even being ported to it, but with all the new stuff being packed into iOS 7 I’m positive this iPhone 4 will struggle running this. If the animations could be turned off, this would help it run better on the iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 users could see a dramatic speed increase. Although I’m sure Apple won’t include this option to make people believe their older phone, such as the iPhone 4, really is at the end of its game. Some may argue that it already is, but with the proper tweaks, a more budget tight person could be happy to know their phone can still last another year or so.
  • Folders are a joke- Ok Apple you want to make a fancy looking OS, fine with that, but the current folders are not the way to do it. There is no need to zoom into the folder, and having such a small amount of Apps available to insert is not a winner. Sure, multiple pages in a folder is a great idea, but why can’t the folders just be how they used to be, more space and no zooming in. So will argue “but it’s new, it’s a change” this is Apple we’re talking about, people aren’t exactly used to change from them,it wasn’t broken, why they’d fix it?
  • No App Drawer- Again this is an iOS issue, not really and iOS 7 issue, but many don’t like to have their home screen cluttered with apps, and since the folders aren’t the best, no one wants to have a home screen full of folders. This is an easy fix, but I doubt it will come anytime soon.
  • There’s no need for a “missed” section in the notification bar- No much to say here, but I myself have found that in all the beta testing, I’ve never once hit the missed section of the notification bar. There’s no point to it, it displays most of the same notifications ass the all section.
  • Bloatware- Bloatware one iOS is different than it is elsewhere, some claim it doesn’t exist but it does. For the love of God Apple, no teenage girl cares about stocks, and most casual users don’t care about the other preloaded apps, so why can’t we removed them?
  • Photo app needs work-  When zooming out of pictures while in the Photos app, my phones spazzes out a little, then zooms all the way into the photo. This wasn’t a problem in Beta 3 so I’m sure this will be fixed.
  • Multitasking Menu should be redone- Who remembers multitasking in HTC Sense 4/4.1+ ? Well users and critics alike trashed it. iOS 7‘s multitasking menu seems to be a direct “inspiration” of the one from Sense 4. I am not sure why the designers chose this considering the backlash the “inspiration” got, but I do know that it’s slow and could use a redesign. The fact that only one app is visible, and I have to scroll through them to see what I want, just makes the point of multitasking obsolete.  If it’s not fast, it really doesn’t feel like multitasking at all. If they’re going to draw “inspiration” from other platforms, they might as well do it right and look towards something more like a Vanilla Jellybean kind of multitasking menu.
  • Bugs and crashes- This is to be expected as it’s only a beta, the fix to these will come soon.

There are a lot of good ideas going into iOS 7, they’re just not being executed properly, knowing Apple, these ideas might not be fixed. I’d say one more beta, and iOS 7 should be ready to release. The current bugs don’t seem like anything that should take another two months to fix. It will most likely be prolonged to accommodate the iPhone 5S launch anyways. Honestly, most of the “changes” in iOS 7 seem cosmetic to me. The Control Center is welcomed and seems to be the only new thing I’ve enjoyed about it. From my view everything else can be undone, no one is used to much revamping from Apple, so if iOS 7 was the same as iOS 6, but included the Control Center, I’m sure most people would be fine with it. The new look feels a little cheap to me, this is supposed to be an iPhone, a high end feel is promised; the roundness of things in iOS 6 seem a lot more premium; and less girly for sure. I have been beta testing iOS 7 since Beta 1 on an iPhone 5.


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