Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Android!

So there are lots of reasons to love the Android OS, but if  I had to chose 5 reasons these would be it. Also there is no specific order just listing my top 5.

Reason #1: Customization

This alone separates Android from any competition. Being able to make our phones look and feel like home gives us freedom that other competition can’t give their consumers. We have amazing launchers and custom icon packs that allow us to do these things. Also  if you are into rooting and throwing custom ROMS on your device you will find tons of new settings to customize your phone to your hearts content, but that would also depend on the ROM you are using; for example ParanoidAndroid is most known for their customizing settings that are implemented into the ROM.

Reason #2: Communities

How I love me communities! The fact that there is a community for anything that involves Android is great! It doesn’t matter what it is development, apps, phone problems, phone talk, so  on and so forth. We have communities for anything you can think of. Any problem you have can be solved by posting in a community thread. There is not much else to say about it but if you have not tried being part of a community I’d recommend you do so. One because you will meet new people to converse with and be part of discussions!

Reason #3: Rooting ,Roms, Kernels, Mods

Where to start with this one…This by itself is something else but does relate to Android. If you are unfamiliar with this side of Android, please take the time to read our article, Android: Rooting, ROMs, Kernels and Mods, what are they?, We go more in depth as to what this is. Back to this article though! Custom ROMS are a great way to bring your phone some new life and depending on your phones development community you can either have lots of ROMS to choose from or a short amout but you are most likely to have a few waiting for you to try.  For you to try different ROMS out you would have to be rooted because rooting unlocks the Android OS to it’s full potential which allows for uncovered setting to further accelerate your phone and also have cool new features that some apps provide! Kernels goes that same way as Custom ROMS it depends on your phones development communities, but Kernels are great for speed boosts, and so much more! Mods can be as simple as to how system icons look(signal bars, battery, etc.) or as complicated as speed boosts.

Reason #4: Different types of phones, For different types of people!

This is more of the phone market than Android but the phones are running Android with 3rd party skins that are either good or bad. The amount of Android devices released in a year you will most likely find one or two that fit your needs or appeal to you. Especially now that phones are getting ridiculously fast and can do so much with, that a computer becomes “almost” a thing of the past. Reason for the “almost” is because there are some thing you just can’t accomplish on a phone for example video editing, photo editing, coding, and a few others. Yes, I realize you can do a few of them but the mobile programs are limited as to what they can do. So there is an Android device out there for everyone’s needs!

Reason#5: Google integration

Final reason is the way all the Google services (Google+, GMail, Play Books, etc.) sync across all device including iOS devices. They do such a great job maintaining there apps and are making sure of your back ups, settings, contacts, etc. are constantly being updates for if deleted one day it is retrieved as you had it. All in all it just works so flawlessly that you really don’t have to worry about anything just let Google do the work for you!

And those ladies and gentlemen are my top 5 reasons as to why I love Android! What are your top 5 reasons for loving Android? List them in the comment section below!

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Want to visit some great communites? Check out these sites XDA, Google+ Android Community

Visiting the XDA link you can also look for your phone and see the development or general talk


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