Transitioning from Android to iOS

When  my two year contract with Verizon ended, I was really excited about getting a new phone. My upgrade was near the beginning of January of 2013. I began researching phones on which device would sit in my pocket for the next to years. And here came my disappointment

At the time I was using a HTC Droid Incredible, with a custom 4.2.2 Jellybean ROM, Gingerbread (Android 2.3.4) was the last version of Android to be released for my Incredible. Thanks to the open source nature of this phone, with a root and a flash of a Jellybean based ROM, I was now living with the features and abilities of newer  Android devices without having to own one. It wasn’t perfect, it lagged now and then, and I couldn’t run most of today’s mobile games, but it was nice to have the newest piece of  Android [at the time]. One could see how I was very much in love with what I could do with my phone.

I was hoping to find a phone that would be similar, one that would have the power boost I needed today, but that I could always tweak, remove bloatware, root, and flash ROMs onto. Back in 2010, Verzion was pushing the Droid brand, they were all for it. My Incredible alone received two OTA updates, and numerous firmware updates, many would consider this a fantastic life span. Unfortunately Verizon has come along way since then, and this isn’t a good thing. As I researched Android phones on Verizon, I found many of them were loaded with bloatware, could not be rooted, and had  very poor chances of receiving OTA updates. The Droid DNA interested me a lot; but there is no method to root this phone [without jtagging], its community of developers and owners was scarce, and it was running Android 4.2.1 with no word of any OTA updates whats-so-ever.

Many told me, leave Verizon, go to T-Mobile or AT&T, carriers with a little more respect for Android phones. I strongly considered this because the LG Nexus 4 is an excellent device that would not only fit my needs, but was sure to get OTAs. I didn’t leave Verizon because I honestly loved the coverage in my area. Sure some say it was overpriced, but hey you get what you pay for right? Anyways, I ended up purchasing an iPhone 5 for Verizon. The transition was smoother than expected, but here are my thoughts.

What I Love About iPhone and iOS

  • Having 90% of my friends owning an iPhone, being allowed into iMessages and Group Messaging is nice [you can group message with Andorid and iOS, but to this date it still isn’t as smooth as iOS to iOS]
  • The phone feels great, it really feel like I’ve gotten my money worth in this phone, the aluminum casing is top notch, as I said, it feels great, the weight of the phone feels too light at first, but with a few days handling, you get used to it
  • battery life, my phone is great on heavy use, I can watch a full movie, listen to music, and be sending emails and texts and make phone calls all day and still finish the day with some 10% left, from a 8am to 10pm day, there was no way I could do that with my Incredible, even when the battery was new!
  • silent switch, it’s nice to shut my phone up quickly

What I Hate About iPhone and iOS

  • limited multitasking, while it does work, the multitasking is a joke compared to Android, I could do a lot more things at once on Android, multitasking was genuine, iOS just freezes the app when you start using another
  • no file system, I can not view my file system, and I can not download files or torrent from the internet without jailbreaking, why can Android do this out of the box when iPhone is supposed to be the premier smart phone? nice one Apple
  • the iPhone 5 has the headphone jack on the bottom, this feels strange and out of place, there was literally no point in having this at the bottom
  • pictures taken with the iPhone 5‘s camera aren’t the best, I’m glad the camera focus fast, that is a blessing, but when you want to zoom into your pictures the quality decreases immediately, it looks pixalated, isn’t this supposed to be a 8MP camera? what gives Apple?
  • no app installations that aren’t from the app store, there are some app developers that have found a way around this,  but those apps might not always be what you’re looking for, and because developing for iOS is easier than Android, I’m sure we’re all missing great apps from developers that never made it pass Apple‘s approval for the app store
  • having to pay for the latest and greatest, why does one have to pay to use the iOS betas? shouldn’t it  be the other way around, have Apple pay us to use it and tell them what’s wrong? Unlike Android where the latest and greatest might only be a ROM away, we either pay or wait until the full release comes out, sure eventually you do get the latest, but as a techie, I love to have these things ahead of time, and I love working with them ASAP
  • no app launcher, I would like to have an empty home screen and get rid of all those useless Apple apps no one ever uses
  • Apple Maps, need I say more?
  • you can’t disable animations, if you could, doing things would be even speedier
  • you can’t change the provider for the default weather app, Yahoo! Weather seem to be inaccurate, and it being the only option for the notification bar, this ruins the experience a little
  • limitation to iTunes, I miss being able to load my phone up with music or movies from any of my computers, now I’m limited to one

I can’t say I hate my iPhone. I like it to some extent. Being more connected with my friends than ever is definitely a plus, but iOS still lacks too much for me. I will happily use my iPhone 5 until my upgrade date, but next time, if Verizon works out their kinks with Android, I will go with another product.


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