HR: Samson Go Mic

Have you been looking a inexpensive microphone for doing tutorials? or for those Skype calls that your webcam mic is just not cutting it? Well here I bring you one of the best inexpensive microphones money can buy! Let’s take a look at the Samson Go Mic shall we?

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What’s included…

When you purchase this microphone you will find in the box:

  • Samson Go Mic
  • Case
  • Mini USB to USB
  • Manuals
  • Audio recording software

So the design…

First of all the mic has a very small form factor but doesn’t mean it is not high quality as other bulkier, taller, more expensive microphones. As you can see above it is constructed of an aluminum body with a black metal stand. When folded you can see the two ports it has, one being the audio port for headphones, and second being the power connection, which in this case it is a mini USB to USB cord.  On the opposite  side it has the three different microphone modes: Omni, -10, Cardioid.

Now that’s good sound quality!

For an inexpensive mic your would be expecting decent sound quality, but the mic performs extremely well for its price. I have done plenty of video calls with it and the person on the other end of the screen says that my voice comes in clean with no background noise. Of course this would also depend on your surroundings. I had also used this mic to make a few video reviews here take a look at this for a further look at sound quality:

Overall thoughts

For $40 the microphone is the best bang for your buck! Also the fact that it is plug n play and works on both PC/Mac is a score! The mic impressed me on so many levels that it has been my go to mic for the past 5 months. After lots of time using it and really getting to know that microphone and all it’s glory I can recommend this to anyone whether your an average consumer or prosumer. Therefore I am happy to give this product a 5 out 5 stars!


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