Is the Nexus 4 still worth getting?

If there is any question out there on threads and communities that is asked repeatedly is this “Should I get a Nexus 4? or wait for (set future/rumored phone name here)…

First things first the phone is not yet outdated. The Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 pro processor clocked at 1.5 GHz is still very fast and snappy. In my testing I ran multiple types of games that were pretty resource heavy such as Dead Trigger. Shadow Gun, and others but you get the point. It has 2 GB of RAM which means plenty of memory for your multitasking needs, and this with the cpu it’s a killer combo they work flawlessly back to back.  The IPS panel the Nexus 4 has is absolutely a gorgeous  display. The resolution is 1280×768 and let me tell you that images and video look great on the phone very crisp and handles details pretty well. A little more on the display I’ll  be the first to say that the color representations aren’t the best and there are definitely better out there but if you are into rooting it can be solved with an application specifically for the Nexus 4 display colors. This leads me to my next thing the phone is extremely easy to root and install custom ROMS/Kernels. Nexus devices are always going to have the better communities due to its “open playground” as Google would like to advertise it as. Just means that there are more developers for Nexus devices than any other device. The camera well it is sorta a hit or miss because it is not bad but it it’s not the best either. There is a lot of talk that the best way to produce better images is by having really steady hands and playing with the settings a bit but some people just want a good camera out of the box that avoids such procedure. What’s my take on it…well I rarely use my phone for images just because if I know I’m going to be taking photos I’d bring my DSLR camera for better quality, more functionality, and fine tuning. Now I know not all people can afford high end camera for personal reasons but that’s just me. Also I did not cover everything of the device but just the topics I see most talked about.

No matter what device you buy at the moment as long as you are satisfied with it that is all that really matters. Of course there will also be a superior phone a month or so from now but hey that’s the market for you! So yes the Nexus 4 at this point in time is still a very popular, and a beast of a phone, and best of all something that other wont have is Stock Android with guaranteed updates! You make your choice but don’t bother paying to much attention about future phone or rumored phones just because they can misleading at times! For those of you who have a Nexus 4 enjoy it, use its full potential. For those still in the mist of getting it go to a local T-Mobile store and play it there for a few minutes, or find a friend with one and check it out it’s worth every penny.


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