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We can all agree that the official Twitter App isn’t the best. That’s not to say that it hasn’t come a long way, the most recent update (5.8.2) is definitely an improvement of where the app was months ago. This is expected of course, most developers aim to fix bugs and what not. Yet the official Twitter App still falls behind other Twitter client applications and even its own Android counter part. Dissatisfied with the official Twitter App, I began the search for another Twitter client, and so I came across Tweetbot by recommendation from AnG’s own Gerardo. Let’s dive into it.


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images acquired from Apple’s App Store’s Description of Tweetbot, ownership is not claimed

At first glance Tweetbot can be resembles the interface of the official Twitter App. It doesn’t look like a cheap knock off, it doesn’t feel like one either. It gives Twitter a distinctive look, and with a bit of getting used to, one can even feel as if they are using a more advanced and exclusive version of Twitter. To a certain point you kinda of are. Scrolling through your feed is as easy as ever, it feels smooth and there’s no lag when it comes to the scrolling and refreshing animations. [At least on the iPhone 5] Viewing profiles is a snap; they also have a cleaner look than in the official Twitter App, with a person’s banner up top and their description below their profile picture. [Note the profile in the image above lacks a banner, if a banner were in place, it could appear about their profile pictures]

Albeit, Tweetbot does not refer to your feed as a “feed.” In Tweetbot it is a “Timeline.” When you scroll to the top, you can search the Timeline simply by typing a few letters or words in. Next to the search bar, you also have the option to view all tweets, or just media based tweets. These media based tweets include pictures and videos that have been shared as tweets. If you visit your own profile, or a friend’s profile, and tap to view your or their tweets, the list of tweets is also considered a Timeline, with the search and media functionality at the top as well.

Composing a tweet is second nature to anyone who has used the official Twitter App. You simply tap the compose button in the top right corner and an composition box and keyboard appear. You also have a few options below the composition box and above the keyboard. A little “cog” which is tapped will give you options to add a location, bring up any drafts, or add a note. More on the note later. Next to the cog is the blacked outline of a person, this is basically an “@” button for mentioning some one quickly. And next to that is a tag, this one is for a “hash tag.” Last is a camera icon, which is of course for uploading an image either from your camera or library of pictures.

Personal messaging is also here. In Tweetbot it has more of an SMS look and feel, but this isn’t a bad thing. SMS are personal messages right? Hence this is very welcomed.


If you come from using the official Twitter App, learning this app will take you no longer than a few minutes to get acquainted. If you’re new to Twitter and never used official Twitter App, do not fear learning this app is a snap!

On the official Twitter App if you would like to view a conversation, for whatever reason it took forever or never even loaded. In Tweetbot sliding a tweet to the right brings up the entire conversation in a blast! This is really welcomed as sometimes view conversations on my phone was sometimes impossible. Sliding a tweet to the left brings up a detailed version of the tweet, numbers of retweets, favorites, where it was tweeted from, date and time, as well as options to visit the tweeters profile, reply retweet, favorite, copy the tweet link, the tweet itself or email the tweet. There is also an option to “view retweet” which will show you who has retweeted the tweet, “view in favstar” which will show you who has favorited the tweet and even a translate option!

Tweetbot also shows you pictures uploaded from Instagram that are shared with Twitter without opening Instagram, the official Twitter App has long gotten rid of this feature. You can also view videos from Instagram and Vine without opening those apps straight from Tweetbot! If a link is shared, Tweetbot will open it in its own browser, without opening Safari! (You do have the option to open it in Safari if you wish) If media is shared with Twitter, if can be opened in Tweetbot, I can not say this will happen 100% of the time, but I have not come across media that I’ve had to open elsewhere than on Tweetbot.

Regarding personal messaging,there is no lag time when sending/receiving personal messages in Tweetbot. I’m sure it wasn’t just me, but in the official Twitter App I found that when personal messaging, I would receive a message a few minutes later after it was sent, not within a few seconds as it should be. If I sent a message, I was told the other person wouldn’t receive it until a few minutes later  as well. I was very happy to see, that this was not a problem in Tweetbot.

Final Thoughts:

Tweetbot is the most pleasant and premium experience you can have with Twitter on iOS to date. It does everything the official Twitter App does and does it better. You can not find a better Twitter client on iOS! That being said the only thing that turned me off about Tweetbot was its price. At $2.99 , many people might be thrown off by its somewhat high price for just a Twitter client; me myself I was skeptical about purchasing it at first. I am happy to say I took a leap of faith, upon purchasing it I found this app was easy to use and to love. If you’re looking for the best Twitter client for iOS out there, Tweetbot is you choice. You won’t be disappointed, the one time $2.99 fee will be the best $2.99 you will ever spend on the App store. I give Tweetbot 5 out of 5 stars  for its great design, feel, features, and capabilities. You can purchase it and download it here: Tweetbot


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