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With a love for technology, this blog was born. We love to pursuit mobile applications, create reviews, and even teach tutorials. This blog was created for your benefit, and to appeal to everyone seeking information about this beautiful universe. We strive to create a small community of writers and readers alike on this blog, so we can all share our knowledge and opinions. Sure we do iOS reviews, sure we do Android reviews, but do you want to do Blackberry or Windows 8 mobile reviews?  Sure we have access to Windows machines, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want OS X or Linux based posts on AnG. With readers and writers alike, that’s where we want to go: a central hub where one can find a little bit of everything from the tech world.

The Team:

  • Juan Maldonado – jcmaldonado1019
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  • Kyle Mitchell – kylem0
  • Adrian Camarena – adriancamarena
  • Lakshya Dutia – dutial

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Google Investing in Space X

Google is investing in Space X. It has committed 1 billion dollars to Space X’s plan to use hundreds of small satellites to give global internet access, especially in rural and isolated areas. Although the use of internet has exploded in the past two decades,there are still an estimated 5 billion not using the internet. … Continue reading

Google has been accused of monopolistic search practices

The Verge reports that the “European Union has formally accused Google of illegal, monopolistic practices.” Apparently the search giant had been prioritizing their own products and services within search results. The EU believes that by doing this they drove traffic away from competitors. Google could be fined as much ” as 10% of its yearly … Continue reading

The Future of Batteries

Batteries, just like many other technologies, are shrinking in size while holding a greater charge than its bulkier predecessors, because of the capabilities of Lithium-Ion batteries. This same trend is continuing with the newest technology, Aluminum- Ion batteries. According to a study done by Stanford scientists, Aluminum-Ion batteries charge much faster, and hold a much … Continue reading

Section 215

Whether people like it or not, the US government is keeping logs of phone calls and internet traffic.  Anything on the internet that makes its way anywhere outside of the US, even just bouncing around servers to reach its destination, is kept in a database.  This is a huge invasion of privacy and must be … Continue reading

A Phone Disappointment Rant

The Nexus 6 disappointed me with it’s big size, Samsung phones remain ugly as ever, no Sony device is going to be supported beyond a year so why bother, the HTC M9 killed itself with the battery life and “meh” processor. I have my fingers crossed for the G4, I love Android OS but until manufactures … Continue reading

Google To Compete Against Cellphone Carriers

For a couple years now Google has been combating ISPs like Comcast and Verizon with their own ISP called Google Fiber.  This has helped many big cities reduce the cost of internet because monopolies like Comcast and Verizon must now compete with the vastly cheaper and faster Google Fiber.  Now Google wants to make the … Continue reading